Dutch Public Broadcasting (NPO) URL?

I have trouble getting the Dutch Public Broadcasting (NPO) stations to work on Roon.
Have tried the URL’s provided by tunein.com, but no success.
URL’s found on stations websites also won’t work.
Other (Dutch and international) stations: no problem; work flawlessly.
Anybody who can point me in the direction of a solution? Would be much appreciated!



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Thanks René!
I forgot to mention in my earlier post I did already try the icecast.omroep.nl URL’s.
I have tried several URL’s again but unfortunately Roon keeps telling me: ‘Roon could not find a radio station at this URL’.
Wat zie ik over het hoofd?

@peterb - I tried the NPO Radio 4 link - and it worked for me. However, I needed to edit the link in the Roon dialog box. Copying the link and pasting it puts in some extra junk that needs to be trimmed out. You should just end up with the bare link, e.g. http://icecast.omroep.nl/radio4-bb-aac

That’s weird: all the icecast streams work just fine for me – I’ve tried about 10 of them.

Is your Roon version up-to-date? Core on Windows, Mac or Linux?

Alternatively, TuneIn works great. Simply put the tunein url of the station in and Roon will retreive all the data and stream fine.

The NPO list on tunein: http://tunein.com/radio/Publieke-Omroep-(Netherlands)-a38322/
Select the one you want, for example: http://tunein.com/radio/NPO-3FM-Serious-Radio-968-s6707/ and simply add this url to Roon.

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