DXD Issues + iBasso Connectivity in ARC

No, I still have problems initializing the audio driver when iBasso dongles are connected. After the last ARC update to version 1.0 (202) the problem persists. After connecting iBasso and allowing the application to access USB in exclusive mode, Roon ARC crashes.

Aside from that, I have some problems playing files larger than DSD64 and 24/192, which is DXD. Maybe it’s not so annoying, because I have a small number of albums in these formats. But these things happen. Maybe I’ll start a separate thread on this. The problem has been occurring since I played such an album for the first time, i.e. from several versions of the application back. USB Audio Player Pro has no such problems and even plays 32/356 WAV files.

Hi @Slawomir_Kubicz,

We just pushed a fix for the USB driver failure in ARC on Android devices - this fix was not nearly as comprehensive as we had hoped. Unfortunately, this iBasso is triggering the exact error.

We can possibly quarantine the regression by disabling MUSE on your account from the backend. Please respond here if you’d like us to take care of that for you; we’ll reactivate it ASAP once we have a more effective fix pushed for the USB issues.

Thank you for your patience.

In the meantime, are you able to provide an example track or album that fails in the abovementioned formats? We’ll use that to pinpoint the corresponding traces in logs and follow up from there with what we learn is happening on your system. Thank you!

Hi @connor. I would like to volunteer to have Muse disabled on my account. Thank you for all of your efforts!

As for failures with Samsung S21U/iBasso, it is so immediate, I cannot even try to play a track, change a setting or anything else. So it is not track specific in any way.

Hi @audiom3,

No worries. We’re just looking for an approximate timestamp to find errors in logs (a track that was playing is usually an efficient mnemonic for recalling when an error occurred). There’s no indication that a track type is causing the crash. It’s a problem with ARC’s interaction with the USB driver.

Just to confirm here, there are two separate problems going on with USB DACs in ARC. The first issue is a full crash after attempting to use USB in exclusive mode (USB driver on). It looks like this:

The second issue is a popup error with certain USB DACs saying they failed to initialize, or similar, occurring about every two to twenty seconds after connecting the DAC.

Disabling MUSE will likely resolve issue #1. We don’t know that it will have an effect on issue #2.

Just to double-check, are you crashing, or receiving the popup error?

If it’s crashing, I’ll let QA know you’re willing to volunteer and reach out when the change is in effect. It will require a Core restart as well as a restart of ARC. Thank you again for your patience and assistance!

Yessir. Full crash after 1 second or so after clicking OK to exclusive control. Thanks again.

It happen with all DXD and DSD128 albums (all purchased from NativeDSD - albums of Patricia Barber’s and Maya Fridman). First, I can play these files until I turn off or on again the screen. Music stops. Another renew playback attempts even cause Arc crashes. And sometimes there are glitches in DSD64 files, but cleaning cache memory helps.

I wonder if I should actually ask you to disable Muse. My main USB-Audio devices do not cause application crashes. Apart from the mentioned problem with DXD and larger DSD, they work fine. Maybe good step could be adding in-app button for disabling Muse.

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