DXD Playback on LINN Klimax DSM

When playing DXD files they are downsampled to 24/176 when my DSM is capable of DXD playback.
DSD 256 is also downsampled.
I am using Windows Server 2019 in Core Mode as my Roon server.

Hi Chris,

I don’t think the new KDSM has been ‘approved’ by Roon yet, so if you have the previous generation selected in Roon, the core will automatically downsample to the maximum resolution the previous KDSM is capable of, which is 24/192 and DSD128.

Also, the new KDSM won’t support DXD ‘natively’. It has to be in the 24/352.8 PCM format:

Thanks. I have the new DSM. I didn’t realise it wouldn’t play 32 bit, but of course you are right. Hopefully they will certify the new DSM soon so I can play the DSD files.

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It’s probably just a question of time Chris.

I’m sure that Roon have a new DSM with them right now for testing.

BTW, is it any good? I have a KDS/3, which I enjoy. However, I find myself listening to my Chord HMS/TT2 stack more of late.

It’s astonishing. I really didn’t want to spend that sort of money to upgrade from Katalyst but the difference is not subtle.

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I have the Klimax Katalyst DSM. I’ve added an EtherRegen, a quality external clock, power supplies, and BNC filter.

The results are quite astonishing! It’s like I have upgraded the Linn Dsm hardware again to something higher than the Katalyst. My system is just so musical.

I am hoping down the road that Linn may have a more reasonably priced Organik version upgrade for the Klimax DSM. Just can’t justify their new Organic unit price, all though I’m sure it is sublime.

But for the tweeks I have done as mentioned above, I can’t think the sound can get any better than it is….

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That sounds cool.

I use two English Electric switches in my system, and a Chord Music streaming cable. I use a B-Fly Twin Reference base under the DSM, and Chord Music interconnects. All my power cords are Chord into a MusicWorks Reflex Ultra G3. That’s before I start on all the acoustic panels and bass traps. So I’ve done a bit of tweaking myself!!!

The Katalyst is still a fine piece of kit, and it sounds like you are getting the most out of it!!

Personally, I can’t see it happening. But time will tell…

Organik is only part of the story with the Next Generation Klimax DSM.

I have auditioned one as a hub in my Katalyst Exakt system. That is without Organik. The improvement over the old KDSM was considerable. Definitely, a worthwhile upgrade in itself.

Soon, I will be able to report back on how much of an improvement I get with Organik Exaktboxes.

I now the have Organik Exaktboxes on loan, trying them out with my old style Klimax DSM/1 used as a system hub.

Like the Next-Generation Klimax System Hub, this is a worthwhile upgrade on it’s own. However, the experience of the two upgrades is very different.

With the NGKSH, music was more exciting, rhythmic and lively. The Organik gives extra refinement and more information, an altogether smoother presentation. Quite delightful and what I think of as analogue like.

On Monday, I am going to borrow the NGKSH again and try them both together.