Dynamic filter in focus

I’m looking for a dynamic filter in Album / Focus.
When I make a filter using ‘last - 3 months’ Roon replaces that with a fixed date in November.
So next time I open that bookmark I get 3 months, plus however much time elapsed since creating the bookmark.
I would expect that filter to always select last 3 months

Yes. To do that, set up a Bookmark once you have the Focus view you want.

All bookmarks automatically update themselves when a new album is added or the Focus criteria changes. In your case, that would be 3 months back.

I have 3 month bookmark -

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Thanks for your effort. Nice collection by the way.
This is not what I meant to ask.
your bookmark is also fixed, not variable.
I created my bookmark on feb 1st. Roon spiked the date. Now the bookmark is perpetually ‘anything after Nov. 1st’, not ‘anything between now and 3 months ago’. So in 3 weeks time it will be 4 months, not 3.

Hmm, I know what you wanted. Didn’t work, I notice.

I know a bookmark will automatically update if I select the Jazz genre and then add more Jazz after I created the bookmark. It should do the same for dates. Researching now.

Update: Evidently the Bookmark automatic update feature doesn’t work for dates. Bummer. I just started trying to use it that way and never noticed that is wasn’t updated. Sorry.

A good request that should be a feature request, although the thread I looked at was three years old , so I don’t hold out much hope

.Bookmark and recently added question - #3 by andybob

As the above post indicates, one could always create a new filter, but that’s not what you (or I) would want.

Oddly, ‘Played in the last x day/month/year’ seems to work the way one would expect.

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Sounds like a bug as I am sure it should update like any other bookmark does. Will give it a go myself and see if it works or not.

thanks in advance