Dynamic list of favourite tracks of an artist

Hopefully anyone can help me out. I wonder if it is possible to have a dynamic list of favourite tracks of a certain artist (say Bonnie Raitt). So every time I would check the ‘favourite icon’ of a particular track of Bonnie Raitt, it would automatically be added to that list. And I would like to access that list under a Tag called ‘Bonnie Raitt favourites’, which would then contain my up-to-date selection of favourite Bonnie Raitt tracks. Does anyone know if this is possible? If so, could you please show me how?

Create a tag and add the tracks to the tag.

Thank you for your reply. What I meant was that by checking ‘purple hearts’ of certain tracks of an album (making them my favourite tracks), these favourite tracks would automatically be added to a tag containing all my favourite tracks of that artist.

Might be able to do that with a bookmark of focus but you would need to do it for each individual artist.

I tried what you suggested and…it works! Yes I need to create a tag for each individual artist, but that’s ok and perfectly understandable of course. Thanks for your help!