Dynamic Lyrics Give Out; a first for me

On the album Home for Christmas by BarlowGirl, there is a worthy but wordy rendition of Carol of the Bells/Sing We Now of Christmas. About two-thirds through the song, the lyrics stop scrolling. DOA.

I bring it to your attention for a possible fix.

I know it’s not resolving the issue but Roon is doing all the wrong things with lyrics that IMO should be avoided by serious software like:

  • presenting lyrics for other variants (shorter, longer, other mix, live vs. studio) of a song (<-- this is likely your issue)
  • presenting lyrics in another language than the actual song

IDK if this is an issue with the metadata provider or with Roon. For me such errors are as bad as presenting for example wrong album artist, wrong track title or order, … . So I’ve given up on looking at lyrics in Roon for most of the time.