Dynamic Range interrogation via Focus?

Not sure if this is a Feature Request or whether it already exists.
I have done a Search but last I could find was a Thread going back to 2017 so I think it’s gone cold.

  1. Is there a way to drill down a collection by Dynamic Range? It would be of interest to know which albums were at the upper end of the scale. If not could I add this as a Feature Request to be added into Focus please?

  2. are there any plans to incorporate DR values into Tidal or Qobuz streaming info?

Thanks and greetings from the UK!

Not on the album page. If you go to the Tracks page, you can add Dynamic Range as a column to sort by.

Thanks @Rugby, hadn’t spotted that

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Nor had I. Very interesting. Here’s the top ones from my library. Anyone top 30?

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Close with a DR 28 track

@Rugby thanks, I didn’t know that!

My top ten DR tracks is dominated by classical:

Then comes some rock/pop:

Wow, impressive stuff from you guys, my highest dont quite reach that far, though then again I dont really have any classical.
I am surprised by a couple of the ones in my collection that do have the highest DR though:-

Does anyone have any info on this by the way?

28’s the best here, and yes, it’s an orchestral piece.


A lot of classical for me too, but Penguin Cafe Orchestra have claimed the top spot with a DR of 32.

My best is 23 and I only have 12 with a DR of 19 or greater. 1,475 of my 1,559 albums are from Tidal so not that many local tracks. Turns out I have not listened to 4 of the 12 so I’m playing them now.


Seven at 29–all classical–and a bunch at 28, but none at 30.