Dynamic Range of song (in display)

If a song has limited peaks and valleys, is that probably a problem with the ripping? (the song is not inherently constant).

I have some old ripped MP3 with a high bitrate (Variable Bit Rate 320). Not how I would do them today, but not necessarily going to re-rip.

Here’s a sample, although some are even more to the top and bottom. Does anyone use this for anything or its mostly for looks?

Have you looked at the Dynamic range numbers? I expect they are low.

I’m away from my Core at the moment, but I was wondering if that is more reflective of the song content itself or the ripping. Since it happens across a lot of songs (have not looked methodically yet), my theory was the ripping?

Where are the Dynamic Range numbers for a song?

No, this has to do with the way the track was mastered, and nothing to do with the rip.

Here is the LU

Pressing the three vertical dots next to a track reveals all

This example is not a ‘Hot’ recording but it is uniform and has a low dynamic range.
Something we recorded ourselves.
I have examples of very large dynamic range also

Here we have an example of a much louder track but with a High Dynamic Range.


Never say never. Copy protection or excessive errors could affect the dynamic range of a CD rip. But RobOK’s concerns here likely are misplaced. And because this is an MP3 file, he cannot check the integrity of the rip against the original CD.