Dynamic range value

I read the documentation about the dynamic range functionality in Roon, and I understood that higher value means better dynamics.
I searched the internet for information on “normal” or “recommended” values for the dynamic range, but could not find it. I mean something like this:

  • less than 5 = very small dynamics
  • 5 ÷ 12 = normal dynamics
  • more than 12 = very good dynamics

Does anyone know where I can find such information?

Such information can only be wrong. You can’t say dynamic is “nomal” or “very good”.
At first dynamic range is defined by the music itself. I have well recorded classic albums from before the loudness war with tracks varying form 3db to 18db dynamic range and the 3db doesn’t mean it is not good, it only is not so “dynamic”.
So dynamic can be low or high, but never normal or good or much worse “recommended”.
For a typical metal track a dynamic range <5db might be normal for Bohemian Rapsody >15db is normal.
Don’t go by the numbers!