Dynaudio hub/connect as roon endpoint?

I’m happy owner of Dynaudio Xeo 6 active speakers. Is there any chance that Dynaudio hub/connect become roon ready device?

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Hi @lukiluke1,

I’m sure RoonLabs would love Dynaudio to support RAAT.

Do Dynaudio have a support site? If so may I recommend starting a “Roon Ready” campaign on there, if many Dynaudio customers lobby them to support RAAT then you wish may come a little sooner.

I asked Dynaudio support team by email. Their response was very cautious and are not willing to provide information about any future product announcements.

It’s good that you asked and they replied … even though they would not comment, I hope they have recorded the interest.

i agree…and i also mentioned some competitors that are already more open…

I’ve had feedback (indirectly from my dealer who visited Dynaudio this week) that Roon (and MQA) are not a focus at the moment and “certainly not something that they will introduce to any existing models”. A shame as dispensing with the transport would be nice.

I got impatient and started building a Roon extension to add some control to my Dynaudio Focus 400 XD & Connect system about a year ago.

The first thing I added (which IMHO should have worked out of the box) was Roon volume control. That way, I could control the speaker volume directly from Roon without any software volume control. Unfortunately, Dynaudio doesn’t let the host computer control the volume via the USB interface, so I had to use the network interface that’s used by the Dynaudio app (which someone on the internets had fortunately already reverse-engineered).

More recently, I’ve added automatic source selection so that when I start playing music from Roon, the USB input is selected. This was useful because before, after using any other input, I had to use the IR remote to select the USB input again.

Since Roon now software-unfolds MQA to 96Hz (which is also the Connect’s streaming limit), my solution is pretty much Roon ready, though of course, it requires some technical know-how to set up and there may still be a few bugs (e.g. only works with USB input for now).

Here’s the link to the extension for those who are ready to tinker:


naepflin I just picked up a set of Xeo 10 for my desk and this is great solution for me since grabbing the remote to change the volume is a PIA, thanks!