e-Paper "Now Playing" display suggestions?

I want (need?) a non-intrusive display (no light emission) that show what is currently playing in my Roon setup.

As I see it there are two options:

  • I could use an e-paper display with a HDMI input and use a Chromecast as a display. However, I have yet to find an affordable e-paper screen with HDMI input

  • I could use a Raspberry Pi or similar, hook up an e-paper display, and use a browser in the Pi to access the Roon “now playing” web page

Any other suggestions? Anyone out there that did this already? Other options I should consider?

What about this: https://onyxboox.com/boox_max2? But quite expensive for what you have in mind.

If you go for the second option you may need a special “display app” which doesn’t update too often (live progress bars and counters may not be a too cool for e-ink displays) and keeps gray scale in mind.

The Onyx is a potential solution, but to big/bulky and way to expensive. Wish they had a 6" with HDMI as well…

I was kind of thinking that even though progress bars and counters won’t work to well on e-ink, it doesn’t really matter since it’s the artist and track info that I’m aiming for.

Hey Maron Im also interested in that subject and did some research so far nothing on the market in color e-ink screens I mean in size that you could be happy about. There is non consumer screen that you will have to build frame to it and work on raspberry pi or google chrome cast but that’s about 700 USD to expensive in my opinion for now. On the other hand going black with onyx screens its not fun to look on b&w covers. :smiley:

Works just fine -even if it’s black and white.
Here on my new Onyx BOOX Note Air.

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I think the refresh of the cover art is likely to cause you issues on an eInk display at least with the standard now playing screen.

If you’re OK with some coding you might be better of using a RPi + eInk display — along with the roonAPI — to create your own ‘now playing’ display with minimal imagery and refreshing.

You could even try different levels of dithering on the image to see what the best compromise was re. refresh vs quality. Add some basic caching and you’d only need to do this the first time you loaded that artwork.

That was kind of what I was hoping for, to find a coding savvy person keen to experiment on this super cool idea (right!?) - and RPi with an eInk-display of some sorts. Anyone up for the challenge?

I just purchased an Onyx BOOX Nova Air C specifically to run as a roon remote. But it keeps crashing.

I wonder if it’s problem.specific to that model? Or whether it is a new incompatibility that has come to the fore?

Is anyone able to currently use an e-ink reader with room remote?

May I ask, is this set-up still working with all the current updates?

A sheet of black construction paper?

All readable displays emit light – that’s how the rods and cones in your eye react.

Not to split hairs, but there is a difference between emission and reflection.

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Sorry for the late answer.
I can’t find anything in the lastest update that don’t work on my Note Air.


Hi Stefan

My Boox Nova Air C was also crashing but I updated it via the Google play store and now it works without crashing.


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Thank you for the update

That’s great to know, Housman. I actually returned the tablet, but I’m optimistic that others will work.