Each track displayed as a separate album

I have searched and found similar posts but nothing that matches my problem exactly.

In my library there are many albums that are displayed with a separate album cover for each track. This causes the same artwork to appear 10-20 times with only one of the album’s tracks inside.

This is a tagging problem that does not bother other players since they display the entire album properly with a single cover.

I have tried switching every option from Roon to File in preferences with no improvement. I prefer to not use the grouping function because I want to clear up the original tagging issue that causes this and keep my library clean for all uses.

What needs to be changed in the tags to prevent this? I have an arsenal of tools like Squeed, Bliss and MP3Tag to attack this problem.

Perhaps a screenshot of an offending album might help point toward a solution.

What do the tags look like in mp3tag?

Thanks to both of you for the prompt replies!

Looking at the tags in Bliss, MP3Tag and Squeed does not show anything particularly unusual. The most compelling detail is when I look at the simple folder structure.

These discs were ripped with dBpoweramp. The albums that are showing one track per album cover in Roon are separated at a sub folder level by dBpoweramp perhaps to distinguish the different composers on the album. Each sub folder is named after a different composer with one track inside. Again, this does not confuse any other music player (I have dozens) because they are able to show a single album cover that contains all the tracks.

I could strip all the singular tracks from the sub folders while ignoring the composer names and place them in the parent folder together. With over 13K albums on hand that will be impossible in my lifetime. Scrolling through the library I see an overwhelming number of multiple album covers for a single album.

Can Roon be configured to read this library properly?

Hey @hifihere,

Thank you for sharing your report with us!

May I ask that you show us an example of what you’re seeing for one of these albums, both in Roon and in your storage location.

What are your import settings in Roon? Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Library > Import Settings?


That is almost certainly what is confusing Roon - you need to change the folder structure to have all tracks on an album in one sub-folder per album. You can define the folder naming template in dbPoweramp. I have mine set to create an …/Artist/Album structure.

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