Eagles - Hell Freezes Over - Desperado

Wow, the humming/buzzing on this track is awful. Apparently it’s on the CD too. What happened?!!!

(I had to verify it was present on three systems in my house before I could breathe easily again!)

Not on my 2 sets…!!!

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Sounds fine on my ripped CD. And I can’t find it on TIDAL here in the USA.

Hi @joel. No, your system(s) are not failing, and neither are your ears :slight_smile: . There is humming there. Very annoying, once you notice, you can’t ignore it. Even more annoying because it is constantly varying in amplitude :frowning: .

Yes, exactly the same is happening on my original CD. Typical mains voltage related (grounding?) hum, with a lot of harmonics. My guess would be a guitar amplifier (with maybe the guitar disconnected or something.)

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Thanks Marco. Makes you wonder if they simply couldn’t do anything about it, but left it on because the performance is so strong, or worse, didn’t hear it (which I would find astonishing at mix/mastering volumes).

I refuse to believe that Elliot didn’t hear this. Highly experienced, but also one of the better (best?) engineers out there…
That leaves “nothing we can do about it”, as the remaining option. But who knows for sure… ? Not me :slight_smile: .