EarlyAccess: Roon 2.0 Build 1422 and ARC Build 275 is Live!

Hello Everyone,

We appreciate the feedback coming in and continue to diligently work towards a more solid foundation. Please be sure to test this against your Airplay devices particularly if you experienced issues with our last Early Access build.

This release addresses the following items:

  • Regressions related to AirPlay pin/password handshake
  • Navigational issue in Arc

Thanks again for all of your hard work in testing this release!

The Team at Roon Labs

Build Numbers

Application Version
RoonServer (build 1422) earlyaccess
Roon ARC (build 275) earlyaccess

Please note that this release does not include updates for the Roon iOS and Android apps.


  • Fixed issues related to recent AirPlay regressions
  • Fixed regression of the ARC navigation bar overlap on Android


Cores, remotes, and ARC installations already running earlyaccess should update automatically. If you need to reinstall, the latest earlyaccess builds can always be found at the following links.

macOS: Roon
Windows: Roon
Linux: Easy Installer Full Package
Nucleus / ROCK: See Help Center
Android APKs: Roon Remote Roon ARC

† Information on loading Roon on Linux can be found here . Please use the files linked here in place of those from the help center article when loading earlyaccess.