EarlyAccess: Roon 2.0 Build 1430 is Live!

Hello Everyone,

The vast majority of Airplay issues reported in Early Access over the last few weeks are now resolved, and as we prepare for release we are focused on ensuring playback remains stable for Roon users around the world.

In order to ensure stable playback with the widest number of devices, this build introduces a “compatibility mode” for Airplay devices. This setting can be found in Device Setup, and should ensure stable playback for certain older devices. if you have an Airplay device that has been having issues with playback, please visit Device Setup to enable Compatibility Mode, then let us know your results.

If your Airplay device has been working properly on previous Early Access builds, please let us know about any changes or regressions you encounter.

Again, we appreciate everyone’s help stabilizing these changes and look forward to releasing Airplay 2 support soon!

The Team at Roon Labs

Build Numbers

Application Version
RoonServer (build 1430) earlyaccess

Please note that this release does not include updates for the Roon iOS and Android apps.


  • Added Compatibility Mode to Device Setup for Airplay devices, which enables playback on some older devices


Cores, remotes, and ARC installations already running earlyaccess should update automatically. If you need to reinstall, the latest earlyaccess builds can always be found at the following links.

macOS: Roon
Windows: Roon
Linux: Easy Installer Full Package
Nucleus / ROCK: See Help Center
Android APKs: Roon Remote Roon ARC

† Information on loading Roon on Linux can be found here . Please use the files linked here in place of those from the help center article when loading earlyaccess.