Easiest way to add (wireless) streaming to DAC?

Newbie here :slight_smile:

Just came across a very good deal on a Mytek Brooklyn DAC and could not pass it up. I will have this on my bedside table and use with headphones only. My ROCK is too far away to hardwire into and I was wondering what would be the easiest solution to stream to this DAC? I don’t really want to have this connected via USB to my remotes.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Cheers :+1:

I know I always say this but…
Google Chromecast Audio pucks.
Still about $50 used on eBay in the USA, no idea on cost or availability in the UK though.
Child’s play to set up and stream from.
Only up to 24/96 though if that matters.
Has a mini toslink digital output.


Cheerio young man :slight_smile: Would actually want something which does not limit Qobuz hi-res.

Not so young…lol

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Does not keep me from saying it Kevin :stuck_out_tongue:

So with the Chromecast, it’s as easy as popping this in the toslink of the DAC and then Roon will pick it up and I can stream to it? Obvs I first have to connect the Chromecast to my wifi network :slight_smile:

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Or a RPi and Riopeee? Then USB


For me yes it was that easy.
Once connected to my WiFi network Roon saw them instantly as zones ready to enable and then stream to.
I have three on never a glitch or dropout on any including one that is downstairs while modem/ router is upstairs.

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+1 for a Pi running Ropieee.

No brainer for cost, quality and functionality.


Cheers gents. The Ropieee connects to my wifi and then to the DAC via USB and that’s it right?

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This… :point_up_2:

A $60 RPi4 2GB Kit connected up via a USB-A to USB-B cable is all you need. $20 gets you a nicer aluminium case.

Burn Ropieee or Ropieee XL (if you want AirPlay/Bluetooth) onto the supplied micro SD card using your PC/Mac (and a copy of Etcher), pop in into the RPi (while connected via ethernet to your router - for setup only) and boot up. Then follow the instruction here to enter your WiFi networks details, after you’ve done that you can remove the wired ethernet cable.


Oh this sounds good. AirPlay and Bluetooth as well.

Much appreciated Jamie!

Another vote for RPi running Ropieee from me. I’ve just built 2 with touch-screens. Wish I’d done it ages ago!

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Or a Pi or a similar pre made streamer form the likes of Sonore, pro-Ject, Volumio, etc.

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True, but as a purely wireless add-on, the RPi is a ridiculously inexpensive and terrific value for money solution.

Cheers lads.

@Graeme_Finlayson Could you please share the link to the touch screen built? What exactly can be controlled from the screen?

Here’s the video

I went one further and powered both of mine via PoE, which took a little hacking.

The screen gives you a display of what’s playing, you can play, pause, track skip forwards and backwards and control volume, shuffle, repeat and toggle Roon radio.

Screen brightness and clock brightness is also adjustable from the display.

Ropieee XL also integrates Spotify, UPnP/DLNA, Airplay, Squeezelite, HQ Player and Bluetooth.

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Graeme, you my friend are a star! Need to get this done myself and looks rather easy to get together. Always wanted a clock on my bedside table as well :grinning:

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I got all the parts for mine from the Pi Hut. All in stock and quick delivery. It’s no more difficult than building Lego.

Just remember to flash and install the micro-SD in the RPi before you build the touchscreen. The display cable is in the way of the card slot once it’s assembled. I managed with tweezers, but learned a lesson before building the second one! :laughing:

Forget all of the above! :wink:

This is JUST what you’re looking for:


Based on Google Chromecast, it will stream 24/192 from Qobuz via SPDIF.

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Guy in the video also mentions it. Thanks again Graeme!