Easy batch delete of Tidal content?


After dabbling around with a Roon trial I bit the bullet and subscribed. I purchased a new music server (Antipodes CX) and did an very basic initial set-up expressly for the purpose of just streaming content from Tidal.

Tidal has various curated collections (essentials, classical, jazz, etc) that one can immediately add to their collection. I added the “essentials collection” and it instantly populated my collection with several hundred albums.

I would like to add the Tidal curated “jazz and classical” collections but am concerned about having to delete several hundreds of Tidal albums once I get past the newbie phase.

Once I burn-in the music server, I plan on importing several thousand albums from my hard drive and don’t want the Roon software all “cluttered” up with the Tidal content.

Can anyone advise if there is an easy method to batch delete the Tidal curated collections?


Have a look here:

Spot on my man. Thanks!

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