Easy device for Roon Core to my Chord gear?

So simple question I hope.

I am looking for an easy device that I can run an HDMI cable into my receiver from and will act as a trouble-free Roon Core for my Chord Hugo/2Go.

All my music is already on the Chord on Micro SD so I just need a Roon Core, not the Server, right?

Nuc, Mac Mini, Mini PC, ?

Just keep gear suggestion simple and easy to set up so I can load the core and I’m off to the races.
Please name it or link me to it so I can go buy it…

$200-$400 range should be enough I hope.

roon core is the same as roon server. get a mac mini if you are familiar macos.

You will need the music on the server machine not on your 2go.


It doesn’t get much easier than a NUC running ROCK, or install a Linux OS like Debian and use the NUC for other things too such as Plex.

2 Go owner here.
Roon can’t pull music off the 2Go.
You can use DLNA to get music from 2Go to your receiver.
Depending on the receiver you might be able to do this with software and not need new hardware.
Since this is outside the bounds of Roon feel free to DM me and I’ll help you get setup.

But as others have said: You can listen from Roon to 2Go but you’d have to set up Roon on a computer etc and have your music there.

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You might be able to if it shares over SMB but should you. Performance from an sd card over SMB can only be a good experience and doomed to failure before long.