Easy identification of hi-res albums

I’ve got quite a lot of 24bit music which I could easily find in iTunes because of having (24/ in the album title, but with Roon tags I can’t, but I like the Roon tags generally. Any thoughts on how to ID and find my 24bit albums easily in Roon.

Focus is your friend:

Open the Album browser and press Focus (button top left). In the Focus window, scroll all the way to the right:

Now press ‘Format’ and check 24-bit. That’s all! :slight_smile:

If you’re going to use this view often, you can bookmark it with the Bookmark icon top right for easy access.


Second option is under settings to tick show album version. This will overlay eg. 24/96 or other on the album cover.


Excellent, folks, thanks so much for the guidance, much appreciated.

I second that!:+1: