Easy identification of hi-res albums

(Steven Gascoyne) #1

I’ve got quite a lot of 24bit music which I could easily find in iTunes because of having (24/ in the album title, but with Roon tags I can’t, but I like the Roon tags generally. Any thoughts on how to ID and find my 24bit albums easily in Roon.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #2

Focus is your friend:

Open the Album browser and press Focus (button top left). In the Focus window, scroll all the way to the right:

Now press ‘Format’ and check 24-bit. That’s all! :slight_smile:

If you’re going to use this view often, you can bookmark it with the Bookmark icon top right for easy access.

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(Rob) #3

Second option is under settings to tick show album version. This will overlay eg. 24/96 or other on the album cover.

(Steven Gascoyne) #4

Excellent, folks, thanks so much for the guidance, much appreciated.

(Jeffrey Kenton) #5

I second that!:+1: