Easy setup wizard

I think if Roon is to to appeal to a larger market it needs to simplifiy it’s approach to set it up. From the off its pretty confusing with no real guide as to how the user should proceed.

Adding sources of music is not straight forward and expects users to add in paths etc which always cause some issues. Surely simple wizard here would help to achieve what is needed, a simple option to add local storage or networked music, which then in turn will perform a search for network shares, with a fall back to add it manually.

Auto setup of streaming services that you can skip it setup.

Auto discovery of endpoints on your network and ask if you want to add them.

You get the rest. I am sure this will help retain new customers put off by the learn it yourself nature of the software. Time and time again there are posts about simple setup stuff that could be negated with some work from Roon itself.