Easy way to listen to recommended new releases I haven't checked out only?

Hi Roon

First of all, I love your recent update! Your music recommendation of home-> Genres for you → Recommended artist/albums are top-notch! I have already discovered many artist/albums Tidal/Qobuz, even Spotfiy had not. Thanks bunches.

That’s been said, could you add feature on Home → New releases for you" ?

What would be nice are abilities to add new releases I haven’t heard only into ques. Then;

  1. shortcut key/ button to skip album, not just tracks.
  2. Mark skipped album as “heard”

Right now, it’s really labor intensive to do this. And if I skip tracks too fast or my que is too long, my Roon loose audio device (it’s a separate problem, I know).

Thank you so much.