Easy way to remove a track from playlist while playing

(R. Neal) #1

From the “what was I thinking?” department, it would be nice if the three dot menu on the now playing display had a “remove from currently playing playlist” option.

Or is there already an easy way to accomplish this?

(Mark Hellkamp) #2

That would be a great feature. +1

(Martin Webster) #3

Go to the queue, press the three dots and select Remove From Queue.

(R. Neal) #4

That doesn’t remove it from the playlist, though, does it?

(Martin Webster) #5

Then edit the playlist if you want to permanently remove the track.

(R. Neal) #6

Well, I was looking for an easier way.

For example, I have a playlist of about 2500 favorite tracks that I put on sometimes and let it play for days.

Something pops up that I added years ago that I’m no longer interested in.

To remove it, I have to close now playing, open the main menu, click on playlists, find the playlist, open it, sort it by title, scroll though the list, find the track, bring up the options, remove it, and open now playing back up again.

If I cold click the three dots and click remove from playlist ( similar to add to playlist that’s there now) it would be a lot easier.

Thus the suggestion for an “easy” way.