Echo Show doesn't show in Audio devices in Roon

Is there a possibility to play my Roon music on Alexa Echo Show?
I do not see this speaker on the list of available audio devices. Yet I see there my new Bose Home Speaker 500 which also has Alexa on it.

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The Echo is not available as a direct endpoint. However, you can pair a smartphone with Alexa on bluetooth and then play to the phone and then stream to Alexa.

Google devices with chromecasts can act as a direct endpoint.

Plus 1 on this idea - I have the new Echo Show 2nd gen and Show 8 which both have pretty good speakers built-in. Would love to have these as a Roon endpoint so that I can just play on these devices as another option. I think it would need to be setup as a Music Service in the Alexa app(?) similar to Tidal.

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If I had an issue with Google devices, I would write a post about Google. But I wrote about Alexa - I have this one at home so it would be great to use it for Roon playlists.

It is strange when you ask how to drive Mercedes and you hear the answer - try Volvo…

Actually he gave you a solution…Alexa will not work. Period. Attach a cheap chrome cast device onto the Alexa and you can stream Roon to it. Elegant? Not really. Cheap? Yes.
Its a solution…
Don’t wait for Amazon to partner with Roon…its never going to happen.

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I answered your question in the first sentence of my original post but maybe I didn’t word it clearly. When I said,

I meant that the Roon does not support the Echo Show and cannot stream music directly to it.

I offered a work around in the next sentence, trying to be helpful. You could use a smartphone or tablet as a Roon Endpoint with the Echo Show acting as a Bluetooth speaker for it.

The extra statement at the end about Google was just an FYI to give you additional information, in case, the functionality you were asking about mattered enough to you to switch to Google as the Echo Show won’t work.

What I didn’t address was your comment on the Bose. It shows up in Roon because it has Apple’s Airplay support, nothing to do with Alexa.

Actually I prefer your answer much more than the one from Rugby - short and clear - without even a glimpse of hope for the better in the future :slight_smile: I was asking for the particular product and its funcionality and not for workarounds that would require another busy electric socket in my wall.
It is a pity that Bose, Apple, Google technologies can work and talk with Roon and those from Amazon cannot. Let’s agree - this thread is closed. Thx everyone.