EDIT 2015-06-05: This already exists! (Was:"Search while typing", like many web search functions have)

EDIT 2015-06-05: THIS FUNCTIONALITY ALREADY EXISTS! Just type a / and then type away…

When I start to type in the search box it would be nice if I could get a list of matching items while typing. Exactly like you have in the search function on this forum for example.


After working a bit more with Roon and thinking about this I would like to have the “keystroke behaviour” in the cover view extended. Today I can type “m” and get to the first album on “m” (in Sort by Album Name), “ma”, “mar” and so forth will jump to the first match of that substring.

How about extending that to this:

  1. Don’t jump to first item, but match my string instead. I.e. show all albums matching the substring regardless of where in the name it is found. E.g. “al” would match and show the albums “The Album”, “Alchemy”, “Ballet”

  2. Let “matched mode” be active until I press Enter or click on an album.

  3. Perhaps match “everything” in the same view. Like the Mac OS X Spotlight function.

OK, I admit I am not very clear, but I hope you will understand what I mean

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And Eureka! It has been there all the time A simple / and then start to type! Brilliant!

A little bit hidden feature for a Mac user, but excellent implementation!

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There are some other threads on this.
There are really three behaviors: jump, search and focus.
Only one of them can respond to direct typing; it makes sense that this is jump.

Although I am very fond of the behavior of Windows 8 start screen to direct typing, it opens up a global search including the internet.

But we can only have one…

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