Edit album artwork in 234

If u select “best” roon will not change the artwork

If u select “roon” it changes


The result of selecting the “Best” option depends on the quality of the Roon Artwork vs. Imbedded Artwork vs. File System Artwork.

Could you give details of a specific example of this behaviour, having screen shots would also be a great help.

It is what I said it is…u were able to select any one of the 3 choices in previous version…

What happens when you click “Best” is going to depend on what’s available from Roon’s metadata and your local media.

Maybe you can post screenshots of what’s not working like you expect?

I’ve just edited an album initially set to prefer best, changed it to Roon and clicked save and returned the the album browser.

The image did not change as the Roon version is the best.

I then re-edited and changed the selection from Roon to file and saved.

This time the image did change, as it’s inferior to the Roon version.

Finally edited once more and select prefer best and saved.

The image changed from the file image to best one (highest resolution) which was Roon’s).

In each case after pressing save, the selection was remembered by Roon and all seems to be working as designed.

How does this differ to your workflow and observations?
How do the different images stack up, resolution wise, against each other on your example?

If I select best it does not save. If I select roon, it saves


Hi @G997 ----- Thank you for the follow up and my apologies for the slow response.

Our team is trying to understand what is happening based on the information you’ve provided thus far in your report. In light of this, may I very kindly ask you to provide the steps (procedurally speaking) you are taking when you make this observation. The insight is VERY appreciated!