Edit Album Choices

Hi - Sorry if there is a tutorial but I couldn’t find it.

I use the Album Edit function regularly to identify bootlegs and live recordings. But I don’t understand all the available choices. For example and specifically what does “Pick” mean. A description of each choice would be helpful.

Not sure what Album type means either with main as default. What is a “main” album type… anyway a dictionary with examples would be nice.

I guess I’m not the only one that does not know what “Pick” means…

Check this out.

Thank you, sir. Interesting, Should I dig through the FAQs for the other choices too?

Oh and as an aside - Blonde on Blonde and Sgt. Peppers are not “Pick” albums but do have some “Pick” cuts. I’m glad I can edit that…

IMHO, searching the knowledge base would be a good start. There one can find:

Additionally one can search the forum to see if there is already an answer or at least more information available: Search results for 'album type' - Roon Labs Community

Specifically for metadata, one can also try to lookup the definition(s) from the third-party metadata providers. One may find something like: Release Group / Type - MusicBrainz

Note: Roon does not necessarily use all the options a metadata provider may have to offer. You can find the options supported by Roon in its documentation (the first document I linked above).

Main Albums will sort to the main album discography section. Singles and EPs will be in the Singles and EP section, for example.

Thank you for your responses, this has been very helpful.