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I don’t normally edit albums myself, but I was adding credits to an album I ripped and noticed some strange behavior.

It is with this screen:

I click on “+ Add credit” and a list of names appears then I can filter down to the person I want or add a new entry. This works fine for several credits but then suddenly the list to be filtered becomes blank and also when I try to create an artist nothing happens. I can re-create this but it seems to be independent of how many people I add.

I did notice that the list to filter would eventually appear sometimes if I wait long enough. Seems like this shouldn’t happen but I wanted to let you know.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi @J_B ,

Does this happen on a specific artist? Is it by any chance a classical composer? Can you please note the time + date you next see this issue occur?

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I tried again to recreate it on another ripped CD but I couldn’t. It was not for a classical composer. I’ll try again periodically.

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Hey @J_B,

If you encounter this issue again check to see if the person or band you’re trying to enter a credit for is already in your library.

Chances are they aren’t, so here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Add an album by the band or person you’re looking for to your library
  • Then try to add the credit, it should work
  • Once you’ve added the credit, you can remove the album you added to get the credit entered - or you can keep it.

That should get you going!

So you mean add another completely different album so I can add to the original album? Not sure that works for session players that don’t have their own albums (or I don’t have their CDs in my library).

You’ll only need to do it for albums that don’t have a credit for the person you want to add, or for albums that Roon can’t identify.

If an album can’t be identified by Roon you can manually identify it, using the directions here.

If upon identifying the album the credit is missing you’ll need to do what I’ve described.

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