Edit artist in 1.1

Great we can add pics of artists but it’s a shame we only have the option of ‘Group’ or ‘Individual’.
It would nice if we could add Duo or Trio etc I appreciate this could be a long list though.
I am not having success adding Genre’s to artists.

Thanks, Chris

I’d like to be able to specify which artist it is even if the album is not recognised.

For example I have a Kate Bush bootleg that I cannot see how to link to Kate Bush the artist. I can edit the artist name to Kate Bush but this shows as a duplicate rather than the entry for the great lady herself.

I have had success here by making sure the Genres match and then re typing the artist name the same as in the grouped albums.
Matching the artist country can help too.

That’s a lot of work when you’ve got multiple genres etc.

A simple look up function would be far preferable, a la albums.