Edit Playlist of Qobuz/Tidal

Guys, my ultimate goal is to use only one platform for listening music. This would be Roon. But unfortunately as long as Roon is not supported as a mobile solution (while on the road), I am forced to use an alternative streaming client app such as Qobuz/Tidal. It’s not what I really want to do, but I have no choice. This means also: Redundant management of Playlists! This is not fun… no, it’s a real pain! So please dear Roon team: Make it possible to edit my Qobuz/Tidal playlist within Roon. For example: Allow me to add Qobuz songs from my existing Roon Playlist to a Qobuz Playlist.


Yes please. I second Alex.

This is my second most important wishlist feature, after Roon mobile.

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Same for me.

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This plus other threads. Completely agree!


I agree - Lightning DS can manage it for Auralic!

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Yes - please implement this. It is the main impediment to my buying a lifetime subscription.


Yes. I really wants to SYNC my Tidal, Qobuz with Roon. Thank you

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I’ve given up with Roon playlists and edit only in Qobuz or Tidal apps and allow them to sync to Roon.

I’m tired of investing time in Roon playlists, tags, etc. only to lose it all when the db goes sideways and must be rebuilt from scratch (about once a year in my experience) or rebuilt to remove the bloat of images left over from deleted albums.



I am on a Roon trial and I’m seriously surprised that this functionality isn’t there. When I was reading about integration of Roon and Tidal I got it for granted that I will be able to synchronize playlists and likes of these two. It really doesn’t make sense for me that it can’t be done. I’d like to say that Roon is great but it isn’t unfortunately…

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Totally agreed

Is there a solution right now?
Manage Qobuz Playlist in Roon??
Are you serious to not implement this?

I Think this is THE function… edit mobile a different playlist then at home?
Editing two playlists?

come on :slight_smile:

13 months later… Has anyone heard anything about this being implemented? Like many others have mentioned, I would like to manage my playlists in 1 environment (ROON). We listen in ROON, it just makes sense to be able to edit as well.


Seems unlikely. Just guessing.

Dear Roon team; Is there any change to manage Qobuz/Tidal playlists in Roon in the near future?