Edit ropieee , which text editor

Hi, Im looking to change the custom colours for clock etc, and would like to have a play.

Im fully aware of the risks

I see that nano or vim are not installed. what is the default text editor that is installed?


Tried pico maybe? I’m traveling so don’t have a RPi handy to try

You can’t change the colors for the clock.

Neovim is the default editor.

… feature request: ability to change clock colors from web GUI :laughing:

Thanks for the replies, I understand you can change the colour via the web gui, but my green is more a sort of yellow, so want to find out where that Hex colour value is, and change it.


Again, that’s not possible.

why is that not possible? excellent software btw :slight_smile:

also when i try to edit I get “neovim ropieee.conf
-bash: neovim: command not found”

Because the colors are not defined in a configuration file.

Would you mind telling me where the colours are defined please. thanks

Again, you can’t change them. They are compiled into a binary.

ok , thanks.