Edit Tidal Playlists

Searched “Feature Requests” and didn’t see this one.

I would like to be able to add or delete items in Tidal playlists from Roon.

While I have some locally stored music, most of what I listen to is from Tidal. I like Roon because I can play my local music, some of which isn’t available on Tidal, and still can use Tidal from Roon to get to a very diverse set of music.

Right now, I have to update my playlists in Tidal and wait for a long period of time for them to show up in Roon. Really, I want to use Roon as a Tidal front end, which would mean (1) faster updates Tidal => Roon and (2) edits for Tidal playlists returning from Roon to Tidal. When I am mobile, I just use Tidal on my iPhone—I only use Roon at home.



Thats a feature I´ll also want .

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is this feature implemented? cant find, very important i think… you search music in roon and can not edit the playlists in tidal


or is there a workaround?

I wanted to bump this thread, it continues to be a barrier to me using Roon more fully for Tidal. I described in this thread that Roon already has different “types” of playlists – a Roon playlist and a Tidal Playlist. Tidal Playlists should be editable back to Tidal (just like hearts in Roon go back to Favorites in Tidal).

There is a Tidal section in Roon. There is a My Favorites section in Tidal area. I am suggesting one solution is to add a My Playlists in that area and from there be able to EDIT the Tidal playlists.

There is no technical reason to not have editable Tidal playlists, Roon is just considering how to have a cohesive user experience, so this is my suggestion.

As a work around, I have some Roon copies of playlists that I can edit and then the existing original Tidal playlist and instantly they are out of sync. When using Tidal mobile, I add to the Tidal playlist. When listening to the Roon version, I delete songs that no longer fit the playlist (or I am tired of hearing) but that song still plays on the Tidal version of the playlist.


Frustrated Tidal Playlist User here.

Have a slow night jazz playlist humming along, suddenly a massive fusion guitar solo breaks out, loudly! No problem to skip the song, but to fix it…

Have to open Tidal, navigate to my collection, then my playlists, then scroll and search to find my playlist. Then scroll within the playlist to find the song, hit the three dots, scroll more to find the delete menu choice.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier to hit the three dots in Roon and select a menu choice that says Remove from Tidal Playlist?

Ok, now when I am on a song in a Tidal Playlist (in Roon), there IS a menu to Remove From Playlist. So I tried it and forced a sync to Tidal.

Now my Roon version of playlist has 52 songs and the original Tidal still has 53, so it appears the track deletion did not sync to Tidal. If that’s the case I don’t think this menu choice should show on Tidal type playlists in Roon (bug).

Then in Tidal I made another change to the playlist and synced and the deleted song was restored to the Roon playlist, showing the unfortunate but expected behavior that it is a one way publish (not a true sync) from Tidal to Roon.

So my feature request above remains, but with a potential bug existing on the three dot menu.

Any news for that request?

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Ant news on that request ?

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I second that? Please say something!

I would like this too. LOVING the new Valence auto-play enhancements, but it makes the lack of tidal playlist editing even more frustrating. I hear a song I like in Roon, I have to go to the tidal site or app, search for it, add it to my playlist, wait for it to sync (the sync is pretty quick so that’s good)

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I am slightly optimistic that the 1.8 architecture lays the groundwork for bigger changes ahead, namely mobile and two way playlist integration. Pure speculation and hope though!

Agree that lack of ability to edit Tidal playlists in Roon is more and more annoying.
A bit surprised there is only one vote so far for this feature at the top of the topic I’ve added mine as second :sweat_smile:
Hope to see more supporters in future.
Happy Easter!

Wow… 5 years. Come on this deserves a little attention. Listened to all this great music and now I need to spend half a lifetime sprucing it up? Or this is an external playlist editor I am not aware of.

Can we get some traction on this feature request Roon Software Engineers? At the very least many users would like to be able to view their Tidal favorites by “Date Added” any kind of sorting and playlist editing features would be greatly appreciated.

Would love to be able to edit / add to Tidal playlists. Seems really weird that you can’t.

BIG +1 on this. I just did a 3 month trial and ended up canceling. This was one of my top 2-3 reasons for deciding to not pay for a Roon subscription. I have Tidal in my car where playlists are very useful. Of course it’s really tough to edit playlists while driving, not to mention unsafe. Editing is far easier and safer to do when not driving, but I can’t use Roon for that.