Edit track composition

Hi, for some reason Roon does not identify all 5 parts of a composition as such. The 5th track in the attachment below seems to be part of a different composition. How can I edit the tracks so that all of them appear correctly to be parts of a single composition ?

thanks in advance !

Hi, @Greg_Poulis, thanks for youre report! I have a few questions.

  • Is this album identified?
  • Do your file havefile tags which have info about work/part ?
  • Is Composition/Part Grouping setting in Metadata Preferences for this album set to Prefer Roon or File?
    Setting can be found here (3-dot-buttonnaon album details -> Edit -> Metadata Preferences):



Hi Ivan,

  1. yes, “manually”
  2. no, I have not tried to edit the metadata on the file itself, I am trying to do so fully using Roon
  3. I had not set up this setting at all, tried to select “Roon” but this does not solve it.

I guess the real question is how does Roon assign a composition (the first 4 tracks are associated with the right composition “Verklärte Nacht, for String Sextet…”) but I cannot see this in the “Edit Track” tab, neither can I assign the same composition to Track No. 5

Hi @Greg_Poulis,

Can you share a screenshot of your file tags for these tracks?

Hi Dylan, there are NO file tags on this album. I don’t have an editor that is able to handle DSF metadata on a Mac but can use an old Windows laptop to edit the metadata using mp3tag. I was just curious whether there is an option to do the tagging directly in Roon.

Hi @Greg_Poulis,

You can edit some album information in Roon, but you cannot directly edit the tags.