Edit track credits

How can i edit track credit and add artis and composer
i would like to add all performers to one track

Hi Mikael,

Roon doesn’t have a file tag editor. You will need an external tag editing program such as mp3tag ( it supports many formats including FLAC and is not limited to MP3). Once you have entered the metadata in file tags, you can tell Roon to prefer file tags.

I second mp3tag!

Its here i Would like to add and edit performers ect.
Can i do that whit mp3tags

You mean like this:

You should be able to with an external editor. I happen to use different ones, but mp3tags should be able to do it as well.

Yes but also add who play guitar, drums etc.
If that is possible in anyway

Roon find that information on some albums but not all
It would be great to have it on all albums

Hi Mikael,
It is not currently possible to add that information within Roon.
I can’t see file tags for that level of detail in FLAC.
It might be possible to add that detail as a comment or text field in file tags, but I don’t think that would result in it being displayed in Roon.