Edit track numbers to text

With v1.1 on compilations … can I edit the track numbers & change them to artist & song name?

you want to use text as track numbers? that wont work in Roon, as we use that as a numerical sort system in many places.

@evangelist I’m intrigued. I know on systems that don’t support track level metadata a work-a-round often employed is to append the performer on to the track name.

Why do you want to do this with Roon when it supports: Track Number, Track Name, Performed by, …?

Sorry I wasn’t more clear. On my compilation albums with multiple tracks, I still want to show the track numbers but also want to add the artist, song and/or album to that track. Roon has not done this automatically to my compilation albums. Is that even possible now in v1.1? How do I enable that? I would love Roon to identify my tracks and add that info automatically. I did discover how to edit that in edit tracks option and manually making the changes.

Thank You!

You can edit Track Information individually per track. Open the album, right click on a track. At the top on the right click the edit Button. This will allow you to change the Track Name to whatever you want. I hope this helps. Some might not realize that you can edit the Tracks Directly not just the Album information.

Thanks Rugby … that’s easy and works great.

PS - it would be great if Various Artists albums appeared in Artists view without a bookmark to get there.

You know, I’m of two minds on this topic. Until Roon, I edited all my various artists albums to be seen as Various Artists so I wouldn’t clutter up my interface with all these 1 offs. But, now with Roon, the one-off information is very interesting so I want that information available.

@evangelist – you should make sure you have good artist tags for any albums you’re having issues with.

If you have a compilation with a bunch of different artists, make sure each track has the correct artist in the artist field, and Various Artists in the album artist field.

Then we should detect it as a compilation and pull in the track artist for each song and display them in Roon, like this: