Edit track volume on the fly

In a track’s file, I wish you could edit the overall track volume.

While listening to a playlist, it would be so cool to adjust on an as need to basis.

Roon supports auto volume leveling according to the EBU R128 standard. Is that not enough?

How should “changes in a file” go along with “on the fly”?

Auto volume leveling has helped very much.

I still have a track here and there that is considerably different. Can I edit the file info and change something, a value of some kind, to manually set the volume even better?

There are several settings in ‘Zone Settings’

In the past I have had to experiment with the LUFS setting and that can certainly make a lot of difference, especially if you are finding that volume levelling is draining the life out of the music. But with my present set up I just use the default. I also use ‘auto’ for volume levelling as with the way I use roon ‘track’ and ‘album’ volume levelling jumped around too much for me. It is worth experimenting with all these settings.

You can’t set the replay gain up a few db on the track to be what you want by editing the metadata and tell Roon on that file to use the files metadata.

Call me crazy…I just use the volume knob (or remote) on my pre-amp and don’t worry about it. :smile:

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I stopped using Roon’s volume leveling because it sucked the dynamics from the music. I listen to complete albums anyway so I just use my preamp’s remote to adjust the volume as necessary. I find it isn’t necessary very often. Of course, I don’t listen to many albums from the “loudness” era.

Your missing some great music despite the lack of dynamic range.

That’s a matter of opinion…when it comes to rock and pop music in general, I am quite content to listen to pre-1985 albums.

There are plenty of Jazz and Classical albums released since 1985 that are not massively compressed for loudness and they are great to listen to generally speaking.

There are some great rock and pop albums that are not heavily compressed to. Not everything in the following years is.

Listening to music, or listening to the equipment?

I listen to music…

Just checking…

Thanks. Will dive in further.