Editable Keyboard Shortcuts


I am so glad that keyboard shortcuts have been added! Thanks for this feature! However, it would be nice if we could edit them to be keys that I worked best for me. No, I don’t have a media keyboard, nor a touch screen.

The colours of the themes are totally user changeable which is nice, but I think this feature should have been implemented the same way - adjustable in a text file (of, heck, even right in Roon!).

Is this something that possible?

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Editable keyboard shortcuts would be massive.

I would love to see more keyboard control, overall, as well.

One that would be very useful is a shortcut to pop up the “Zones” modal so I can switch between my zones easier. Let me then switch zones with a tab or arrow keys…

Stuff like this would add another level of usability to the app for me.

Until then, it simply seems like the target audience is really touchscreen users.

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+1 editable shortcuts.

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+1 editable shortcuts.