Editing "Act" in opera albums

Unless I’m mistaken the grouping of track into Act for opera records is hardcoded. Take:

It’d be nice if we could manage those metadata mistakes.

Happy to hear I’m wrong or if someone has a workaround.

AFAIK you cannot edit this error

Roon runs on third party metadata , the simply load and display

This metadata is incorrect at source so it needs to be highlighted unde Support>Metadata issues for Roon to take up with their suppliers.

This grouping of Operas is relatively new so may have teething problems. Its not like a Symphony where you can edit Work/Part and force “PreferFile”

Roon is not good at Classical Music on the whole

Please review this Roon FAQ

While @Mike_O_Neill mentioned Work / Part, he forgot to mention the SECTION tag which is for Act or other section information, as you can reference in the above FAQ.

I see. But I struggle understanding how to edit the Section tag from an imported Tidal Album. Unless I’m very bad at it, it’s not straightforward…

Well, there’s the rub - you can’t edit file tags in streamed albums, because the files are not held locally.

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Thant’s because I didn’t know about it

You learn something new every day, I will investigate :face_with_monocle:

OK thank you for your clarification.

So on what basis Roon groups the “Act” for streamed albums? If we cannot edit the tag “Section”, does it mean it auto-creates a “Section” based on some data from the name of the tracks or do those tracks contain another field from which Roon groups them into Act? (In the last case, that would mean Tidal simply doesn’t use this field for displaying Act in their client).

In any case, I hope I’m not exaggerating by saying this should be corrected quite rapidly. How can you sell yourself as a metadata editor king while tolerating such mistakes? At 9$/month ?

Roon Labs get album release metadata from a couple of sources and will massage it as best they can using algorithms (and possibly machine learning) into the Roon database. However, GIGO (Garbage in, Garbage out) applies - so if the source metadata is rubbish, errors will occur. And frankly, most record labels (with a few honourable exceptions) provide poor quality metadata for their Classical releases.

You can always report errors for particular albums to Roon Labs in the Metadata Issues category of the forum, and if these are caused by errors in the source metadata, Roon Labs will take it up with the metadata provider.

I understand. However, as soon as you offer editing options, I believe it’s Roon’s responsability to allow the user full control over what is displayed. If you can’t, then just don’t group tracks into Act.

But the idea is great in principle, don’t get me wrong.