Editing artist images

I must not be doing this right….
Here‘s an artist, image could be moved a bit me thinks:

Click the improve this image link, log in, etc…. Oh, it’s good, no adjustment needed:

So why isn’t that what I see in Roon?

The updated version may not have synced I think there is a multi day delay.

Perhaps it’s because the now playing and artist pics have different crops/aspects… dunno. But this one looks right:

If you are on about the new editing thing, you are simply offering suggestions to roon, its not doing anything to your system. Which is sooooopppppper annoying.

Can you explain me, maybe I missed something: We don’t improve anything right now, but do we will get corrections later from roon? If I have empty profile pictures do I get that gaps filled? If I filled them before with some low quality pictures do community improve them for all of us?

2 days ago I uploaded a missing artist picture via roon valence. Now it is visible under Artists.
works fine