Editing compositions

Is it just me who can’t figure it out or isn’t it possible to edit compositions? It’s very anoing, especially when it comes to classical music. If it’s not possible, what is the reason? - it makes no sense…

I, for one, am not sure what you are trying to edit. Perhaps you could include a screenshot and an example or two.

If you are talking about making edits to the music files, you will need a third party tagger such as Yate (Mac) or mp3Tag (both). Roon will never change your music files.

I use the composition editor all the time. But maybe you mean something else?

It’s right here…

Thanks, that’s it…couldn’t get it right direct from the album, which is the view I normaly use…

How about the tracks that are grouped, is there also a way around it (second mark in screenshot…)?

If this is a Tidal album, the short answer is no. Roon’s editing features for streamed content is very limited compared with its editing features for local libraries. In any case, for either streamed or local content you cannot edit the composition hierarchy from the composition editor.

If this is a local library album then you can change the composition hierarchy to anything you want using an external 3rd party tagger like mp3tag (Windows) or Yate (IOS) and the addition of WORK/PART tags to your files. This however is a “performance” level edit not a “composition” level edit and will have to be performed for every single album you have if that consistency is important to you.

From your example, my experience has been there is absolutely no consistency with the formatting of the 4 Seasons from roon’s metadata suppliers so you will find there are as many where it is one composition separated by 4 “section” tags (your example) as there are 4 separate compositions for each concerto (with no section tags, which is what you want?). Personally I found making that consistent a rabbit hole not worth going down. As often as not you loose other benefits like the album identification and then you are worse off. You might get lucky, there are no hard and fast rules.

You can switch off composition grouping entirely from Settings but I don’t know why you would want do that with a Classical library.

The basics of using WORK/PART tags are here in the roon knowledgebase but you will find it quite a learning curve if you are not used to tag editing with a 3rd party tagger.

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I am hamstrung trying to help because my Roon stuff is packed away in my soon-to-be new house.

I have this album, and will try to retrieve it and see what edits I have made. Personally, I prefer to make “real” physical changes to my flac files using a third party “tagger”. There’s a permanency there that appeals to me.

As for edits that are needed, “La Primavera” and “L’Estate” are called Sections in Roon parlance. I would keep those. I would delete the Work prefixes (“Concerto No. 1 in E major …”) from each of the tracks, and leave the main Work title (“The Four Seasons…”) as is.

All of these changes can be done within Roon (I am pretty sure) as per Tony’s suggestion above. But I find Roon more difficult to work with, so I use a tagger called Yate (Mac only). And, if you poke around, there are three or four others programs that you can try.

You will want to slow down and carefully choose which of these basic workflows suits you best. You’ll be performing these edits routinely as you build your library.


Hi Tony, thanks a lot, this is really helpful. I actually only have a few classical CD’s that I have ripped, so they are on my local ROON Rock NUC.

I agree with you, that this is a rabbit hole, however I only have 4 or 5 classical CD’s, so I might give it a try, finding the one composition suited best for my taste, as you say, I might get lucky, but will be aware of other benefits I might loose. In my example, I exactly want the album separated in 4 sections instead, which might be possible to find, if I understand you correct :wink:

I’m aware of the possibility to switch off composition grouping, but as yos say, that will make no sense regarding classical music.

I will also take a look on the WORK/PART tagging, but I doubt I will go that way.

Once again, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hi John

A lot of thanks to you too :slight_smile:

Both yours and Tony’s suggestions are great and I’m on my way. The edits you suggest, is exactly the things I have been concidering. You can take a look at my answer, if you’re interested, to Tony as well, it’s a little bit longer.

So once again, thanks a lot, it will help me with my 4-5 classical CD’s that I have ripped, so it will not be to much work. But I’m glad I’m not having +100 classical CD’s I wanted to rip, I can imagine how much work and frustrating this might be, before it would be like I wanted it.

That’s not an option. That is the roon way of doing this.

Sometimes roon identifies more than one release of an album and then you can get lucky by experimenting with different release identifications to see which you prefer. But that is all very hit and miss. WORK/PART tagging is the only way really to control performance formatting. It is the roon way.