Editing Cover picture

I have an album with the wrong cover picture - Can I edit/replace the cover picture

Hi Tom,

On the Album screen you will find a pencil icon to the lower right of the cover picture and you can add a new picture there.

Roon will default to use any file named “cover.jpg” or “folder.jpg” in an album directory of a library.

Doesn’t Roon also look for a tag? It seems to in my library of FLAC files.

I’m having lots of trouble with this feature. Roon mostly does NOT see my folder.jpg files and 99% of the time, if I drag an image from a browser or drag a file over from finder, although I get a + symbol, the cover image never gets added. I wish there were a file open option in that dialog so that I could simply select the proper file rather than dragging.

It may well do. I haven’t got tags for covers so can’t confirm.

Hi @rbienstock,
Your jpgs named cover or folder should show up on Rescan Album. The devs will investigate why the file dialogue is crashing Roon for you in the Support thread. Hope this can be fixed soon.