Editing Credits -- Need way to multi-select roles

This new feature is brilliant for people like me who assist in hosting live music and as a result are lucky enough to have high quality bootleg recordings (with consent from artists).
Would it be possible in future to ad an artist and then assign more than one role. This would save a lot of time.
Just now I can add Artist, Vocals and then have to repeat for composer, Piano, guitar etc.
But it’s great to slowly be able to populate these fields.

Chris, are you aware of the PERSONNEL file tag?


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That will be great going forward.

Is this PERSONNEL “file tag” a tag that lives in the ID3 metadata or in the Roon database? If the former, what software could I use on MacOS to add/edit this tag before feeding files to Roon?

ID3 / Vorbis etc. file tag meta.

Personally, I use Metadatics, but it appears to be a bit less flexible in terms of UI configuration than it used to be. Also, it mangles MQA tags unless you tell it not to.