Editing genre list

Is there a way to see the entire genre list/hierarchy? Some text or database file?

I’d like to be able to edit genres, make them sub-genres easily en masse. And correct me if I’m wrong, the only way to do this is in Genre > Edit > Edit parent genre?

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Any news here? Since genres are my main method to sort my music and dive deep into my collection I’d love a function to mass-edit the tree of top-tier to lowest-tier genres in a bulk and maybe even in a drag & drop way. The actual way would take me weeks of reorganising the standard list of roons genres… :unamused:

Welcome to the forum @bangsy.

Unfortunately there’s been no development or announcement, but have a read through here and here as places you may wish to make your voice heard.

Regarding spending weeks organising, I’ve often thought I’d do the same thing; but what happens if/when the genre editor materialises? Wasted time? Are there whole new genre mappings that come out? I’ve decided to wait and wait and wait. Do let me know if you plunge in, and how long your library took!

Thanks for your quick response @bluhska!

For now I’m gonna wait until a better way of (bulk) genre editing/mapping is implemented. Since this is my main way to dive deep into my library.