Editing Meta Data

How do you undo an edit that you saved?

What type of edit are you trying to undo?

Fixing Track Grouping

Right now, there isn’t. We group tracks into albums during your initial import, and there’s no way to undo any changes you make to these groupings.

We do have a number of improvements slated for the track grouping screen that should make it clearer and easier to use, but we don’t have an undo feature planned here.

Interested to know what happened here @soundone – can you provide some more details?

I mistakenly grouped tracks together that shouldn’t have been.

What if I move the files out of the watched folder, disabled the folder, then moved the audio back in and re-enabled the folder?

Would Roon see it as new audio?

I have that problem too.
I accidentally grouped together Paul McCartney’s RAM cd version with the 2012 digital download remaster and now on disc 1 I have a lot of “duplicate” tracks. I can’t undo it.

Well, it sorted itself out somehow. No idea how.