Editing of "WORKS"

Can you edit, which tracks of a certain album make up a “work”?
If not then this feature is urgently needed

I presume you are talking about unidentified CDs?

A work will only be grouped together when all the tracks have the same COMPOSER tag, and the TRACKTITLE tag is the same for all the tracks, plus movement numbers. Moreover, if you use the AMG work names, the performance will normally be displayed alongside performances of the same work from identified CDs.

If you call three tracks:

Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor, K. 466: 1.
Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor, K. 466: 2.
Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor, K. 466: 3.

…and make the composer for all three Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, you will get work clumping and a marriage with the performances of that work on identified discs. (Warning: there is currently an unaddressed bug to do with the latter point, but this is how it usually works.)

You can also use the SOLOIST, CONDUCTOR and PERFORMER tags for concerti. Roon will recognise and use these.


I would strongly second the request. See also my post from two days ago:
How does the recognition of classical works work…?

As I have stated there, a fourth of my collection (around 1800 albums) is not recognized by Roon and I am certainly not going to match it album by album manually for several reasons:

  • I already have tagged my collection consistently throughout and I don’t want external metadata - why should I spent time in matching metadata I already have…
  • I want to have the work names as I like them and in my mother language

What I also would like to request is to globally prevent Roon from matching my albums (maybe that’s already possible and I missed it). Very often the matched master data is not recognizing the works correctly (often a work is split up in several groups), so after Roon did the matching, my metadata is worse than before. I could do that album by album manually, but that’s not an option for me. But again - I may have missed something.

Is the existing tag-mapping (Work, Composer, Soloist, etc.) documented somewhere? As I have written in my post, there seems to be more because it doesn’t work for me in the way you described in some cases.

Sorry for hijacking your thread… :wink:


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Works are wrongly identified which need correction. I noticed in my library plural groups of tracks which were identified as plural works having the same name but different content. Correctly all track for these groups of track should form one common work. Further, there is need for easy editing of album associations, which sometime is not what I want to have. Sometimes I would like to merge a goup of albums in one album on basis of the disc numbers of the file metadata and sometimes I would like to split an album into separate albums.

Generally I come to the conclusion that it is better to see Roon as a wonderful view on my music collection and to leave the metadata, work associations and album associations as provided automatically by Roon. I can still use my own carefully edited metadata with Logitech Media Server of my Squeezebox system which I will continue to maintain.

+1 for a way to edit works. I’ve got mostly classical albums and In most cases works are identified correctly. But a significant number are not, even when the metadata clearly shows that a group of tracks belongs to the same work, by the same composer. This is the case even where an album has been identified.

+1 to edit works

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+1 to be able to group tracks into the same work

+1 to be able to group tracks in the same work and +1 to edit works