Editing primary artists

This Tidal album is giving me trouble.
Usually, i edit the Primary Artists to include all of them guys listed on the cover, and the album artist is one or a few of them, based on what it looks like.
And when this is done, filtering with the funnel icon works on all the primary artists, not just the album artists.

But for this album, I can’t get that to work.
Whatever I do to edit the two categories, i get the album listing looking the way i want it, but i can’t get the funnel search to work on Lars Danielsson and Wolfgang Haffner.

It may be because the suggested album artists is messy, but if I alter that, enter my own album artist, it still doesn’t work.

This is very important for me: i use the funnel filter a lot, it is much more convenient than the search or click on artist, because it shows the results in the current context, the current sort order.


Which album?


The capture doesn’t show the artists.
I put all four names in, and the quartet, in various combinations.

Btw, I said this is very important.
Of course it is not, compared to all the things that surround us.
Even within the context of Roon, it isn’t very important if viewed as a single incident.
It is just a very curious bug. Wonder if it portends anything more.


Hi Anders,

as you can see here, I have that album, too (high resolution download). I edited mine in the same way you described in your post, but in my case everything worked fine…:thinking:

Best regards,

Yes, I got it to look like that too.
But in the Album browser, can you click the funnel icon and type Wolfgang and see this album?


Sorry, my mistake. I didn’t use the funnel icon. I clicked on the search (= magnifying glass) icon. You’re right, I have the same issue. Haffner doesn’t show up if I use the funnel option…:thinking:


Hi again,

I have good news for you. Have a look at my screenshot. Type all four names in the place I highlighted for you. Then you can use the funnel icon and Haffner and Danielsson show up as well. If you use the funnel option in the Album Browser, you only find Album Artists. So you must make sure all the names are listed there.

This time it IS the funnel icon view! (Works for “Haffner” and “Wolfgang” etc.)

Hope I could help you.


Yes, but that’s not what I want to do.
Look at the second album in you screen capture: Haffner is the album artist, the other five guys are primary artists, I don’t want to list all six in the album artist t3x5 field, it’s ugly and painful to type since it is just one long text.

It has always been possible to do a funnel search and include primary artists, I have edited my metadata precisely for this purpose. But it doesn’t work anymore. Not just this album, all albums.

A bug, it seems. @mike? @support?