Editing the queue

Is there a way to rearrange the order of the items in the queue?

If, as I fear, there isn’t then I think there should be, simply by dragging them to where you want them. I tried that, and it just scrolled the whole queue.

The queue is a relatively simple feature that JRiver does much better, both in its usefully wide range of options for where new items are added in the queue (I have previously done a feature request in that connection), and also ease of rearrangement when your listening journey changes direction mid-queue.

I can’t ever imagine going back to JRiver for music playback, because of the sophisticated stuff that Roon does increasingly well, and which JRiver never will. (Nothing to do with having paid the lifetime sub already, oh no. :wink:). But it is frustrating that Roon’s functionality often seems to lag on the simpler stuff like this.

Hi Simon,

Can you not click (or tap and hold) the 3 line icon to the right of the length of time of a track, and drag it where you want it in the queue?

Is that what you’re looking for?

Cheers, Greg

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Good heavens, so you can. I had been clicking on the title.

Very good to know, and very much appreciate your quick elucidation.

However, I think the overall comments I made still stand.

Thanks again, though.

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