Edits to photos gone, genres too, db not corrupt

sure. So before the updates I had my own photo uploaded. Now that photo is is not even available for me to select.


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Delete post

Nothing changed anywhere near this “edit code”… I’m not sure what to do without seeing the previous state of things.

I trust that you are not mistaken, but from the looks of your screenshot, you never edited that photo. I will try to reproduce this situation. I wish I could see your earlier state.

I don’t know if this helps, but another issue is that all of my previous work of arranging Genres has been reset. Maybe that indicates something else is going on that could cause both issues? Just throwing it out there just in case.


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that tells me something is wrong with your database.

Can you try to doing a 1-time database backup? since 880, backups check for database corruptness before backing up, so it’ll confirm whether your db has something wrong with it.

A corrupt db could result in random edits being missing.

Ok, just did the backup and it worked as it should. Thankfully, no corruption or anything.

I also just read that you are sick at home with COVID. I am really sorry to hear that and I wish you a fast recovery!

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@support – we are going to need to look at some logs here – the answer is probably sitting in the logs.


Hi @AnimalOnDrums ,

Can you please access the album with this behavior, and then immediately after seeing the issue, can you please access your Roon logs by using these instructions and upload them here?


Please let us know once uploaded, thanks!

Hi @noris,
just sent over some logs. The artist I used for this test was Billie Eilish.


Hi @AnimalOnDrums ,

Can you please check to see if you are still getting this error on build 884? The error contained in your logs looks similar to one that we addressed in the new release.

Hi @noris,

The issue is still happening. I had images for about 1/2 there artists in my library and after the update to 882, they were gone. I then made a new backup to check for database corruption at Danny’s request. I also tried restoring from a recent backup but nothing worked. Build 884 did not change anything as my images simply aren’t there for me to choose from anymore. I just uploaded server logs for the Genres images issue so hopefully those are enough, or do you need different ones?
Thanks so much!

Hello @AnimalOnDrums ,

Hope you had a great New Year celebration!

I wanted to check in with you to see if you are still seeing this issue? In the previous log set you sent, you were getting errors related to accessing performers from your Roon database.

I’ve just activated diagnostics for your Roon Core and these errors are missing in your recent Core log sets. Please let us know if this issue has subsided since your post or if we need to take a closer look, thank you!

Hey @noris ,

Happy new year! Thanks for checking in. I am still having the same issue, but have since re-added most of my artist images and they have stayed.

I am still having the issues with my other issue where no images appear for genres on the Genres page if the genre isn’t officially recognized by Roon Anyone else with missing Genre images? [Ticket In] - #11 by AnimalOnDrums


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