El Capitan has arrived

Dear All,

This afternoon I downloaded and installed El Capitan on my iMac and Mac Mini. But that’s all. I never got to roon etc. Read an article at the MacWorld website that El Capitan now uses Metal instead of OpenGl. I hope I have this right – it’s the Breen article. Was wondering given roon’s reliance on OpenGL if this will be or become an issue for those of us who have upgraded (already). I am ot knowledgeable about GUI so I am just thinking outloud. If it’s a non-issue now and for the future, then excuse my post/thread.

Logically, I would imagine roon Labs is not going to be caught off guard with changes that would defeat how the UI/UX/EM works because of the release of the new, touted as rock solid, OSX. My first experience is that it appears rock solid. And wonder what, if anything, the upgrade with El Capitan provides roon Labs with that inures to our benefit. Anything? Or a continuation of a glorious UI/UX/EM that I have come to rely on.

My iMac upgraded in less than 30 minutes. My Mac Mini took longer, and I moved on to other matters. It’s now early October 1st, and I should be asleep. Will visit roon later this morning to view what changes if any accompany the update.


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