El Dos Grinder Blues incorrect genre assignment [Resolved - submit AMG correction or manually edit genre]

This is Blues/ Blues-Rock, about as Pop/Rock as Carla Bley.

Hey @evand,

I’d be happy to explain why this happens. The bulk of metadata that is provided for new releases come directly from the label. Sadly, they don’t always put a lot of effort into this. Or, as we saw in your other metadata thread, information can be late in arriving for a release.

If this genre error is particularly rankling for you there’s a couple of options for dealing with it.

  1. You can submit a metadata correct request directly on the album page at AMG using the submit corrections link.

  2. You can manually edit the genre information for the album in Roon.

  • Click the ellipsis on the album page
  • Click edit
  • Click Edit Album
  • Scroll down to GENRES
  • Begin typing the Genre you prefer in the search window
  • Select your preferred genre
  • Remove the undesirable genre affiliation by clicking it to delete
  • Click Save

That should do it!

Additionally, please understand that our metadata improvement efforts are focused on system wide fixes. We don’t have the ability to jump into the metadata and make prescriptive changes. The information belongs to our metadata providers and we have to coordinate with them. Because of this, making a manual edit to the album in your Roon library is often the quickest, most effective, way to address these small metadata annoyances.

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Thanks for the explanation, however, a few points to consider:

  • Roon’s value lies in how it uses metadata to deliver the UX. Poor metadata undermines that, so rather than being minor it goes to the heart of the UX
  • Making an edit in a local library, whilst being a quick fix, benefits only me and does nothing to resolve the underlying metadata issue for the user base as a whole
  • Roon needs to find a better way to deal with metadata corrections emanating from errors or omissions in your provider’s metadata. An in-app submission which is aggregated by Roon and bulk submitted to Tivo would be a far more convenient solution for customers than asking them to improve your product by making submissions via a 3rd party website.
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